Nepotism! Toma Belev hired a protégé: gave Pirin National Park to a dismissed director

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Boris Sandov, deputy and friend of the minister of ecology Toma Belev, who has helped him acquire millions for alleged conservation, assigned two persons close to him at key positions.

Belev has already appointed his trusted collaborator Maya Radeva, who has awarded contracts for more than BGN 2 million to companies connected to him, as head of Veliko Tarnovo Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water. Now Belev is nominating another protégé, Valeri Mechev, for director of Pirin National Park. Their relationship dates from 2012. Then Valeri Mechev, as director of Pirin National Park, launched a public procurement procedure for BGN 1 million for consultancy of the Park Directorate. There was just one tenderer: a company owned by Lyudmila Dimitrova. In 2004 Dimitrova and Belev prepared together the management plan of Pirin National Park which is still in force.

At the end of December 2012 Valeri Mechev launched another procurement procedure for more than BGN 2 million. This time it was for updating the management plan of Pirin Park. One of the tenderers was Pirin 2014 Alliance led by… Toma Belev.

At the beginning of 2013 the tenders of the four participants were opened. All but Pirin 2014 Alliance were eliminated at the documentary stage and the winning consortium was… of Toma Belev.

Later, due to identified violations of the procedures by the park’s director Valeri Mechev, the High Administrative Court cancelled the scores and determined that the plan should be prepared by another company. For these violations Valeri Mechev was dismissed from the director’s position at Pirin Park.

Now that Toma Belev is Deputy Minister of Environment, Mechev’s name is once more on the agenda. On 2 March 2022, following Belev’s Proposal, Minister Borislav Sandov appointed Valeri Mechev, who was dismissed in 2013 for rigged public procurement, as director of Pirin Park.

Meanwhile, several days ago, following a proposal by Belev, the abovementioned Lyudmila Dimitrova became the chair of the Bulgarian Park Association, taking the position he has held for 19 years. Belev has finally resigned from the Management Board of the Association, but he has still committed a flagrant violation of the law, as he should have left the Board before accepting the Deputy Minister position.

This whole nepotic square dance corresponds well to the methods for appropriating millions for alleged conservation by a handful of ever-present ecologists who are very much connected to each other. It is also in line with the general personnel policy of the Harvard swindlers Kircho and Kokorcho. The change continues in full swing.

Source: Informiran.net Crimesbg.com


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