Karakachanov: The Green Protesters Lie About Bansko

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Karakachanov: The Green Protesters Lie About Bansko

The problem with the lift is economic and it needs to be resolved, emphasized the Deputy Prime Minister.


“Some of the people who argued the green idea about the Pirin Park are bluffing. There is no possibility to build anything else but a second cabin lift over Bansko”, said the Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakachanov on “Hi, Bulgaria”, broadcast on Nova TV.


He commented on the decision of the Government, which gave the green light to the construction of a second cabin lift over Bansko and the protests that came afterwards “for” and “against” this decision.


“The problem with the lift is economic and it has to be resolved. Had there been no, absolutely meaningless, opposition to this project, it would have gone through a month and a half – two months ago”, declared Karakachanov.

“The people of Bansko and the people from the whole region of Pirin Macedonia are tired of hearing a bunch of people talking on their behalf and “taking care of their interests”, he said.

“The people of the region of Bansko have had enough. And since they have not been heard for years, and since the people from the yellow cobblestones have been able to organize protests and blackmail the government for years, the people from the district of Blagoevgrad have decided to show that they are humans too, having the same rights and paying the same taxes”, said Karakachanov.

“Unlike Sofia, the unemployment rate is higher in the region of Blagoevgrad, the opportunities to get a job and receive a decent salary are smaller. Why don’t those people from the yellow cobblestones go on site to talk to the residents of Bansko, Razlog, Simitli and Dobrinishte and say “Come on, remain unemployed for a while, with low incomes because we think there is a great danger to the Pirin Mountain”, he added.


Karakachanov said that the information that the murdered businessman Petar Hristov had collaborated in locating an organized criminal group, had been made public by a former official of the Ministry of Interior. “It is hard to believe that this information was leaked on purpose, this issue has simply been totally, unprofessionally dealt with”, said the Deputy Prime Minister.


According to Karakachanov, it is not a coincidence that Petar Hristov was killed just at the beginning of the Bulgarian EU presidency. “The criminal contingent is interested in discrediting the country exactly when the focus of attention is on Bulgaria”, he believes.

“Everyone thinks that the Government will hunker down during the European presidency and in the presence of foreign media. I do not think so, and I don’t believe that the Government should hunker down”, he underlined.


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