Ivancheva Has Shown the Greens to be Wrapped up in Lies

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Ivancheva Has Shown the Greens to be Wrapped up in Lies

In conclusion - If the Greens continue to openly wrap themselves up in lies and associate with clowns, this will soon have a negative impact upon their racketeering. 

“We, the Greens support and summon our sympathizers to support Desislava Petrova Ivancheva, the independent mayoral candidate of the region of Mladost in Sofia, in the election run-off on Sunday” – this statement can still be found on the official website of the Green party, to this day. It was published between the two rounds of the partial early local elections, in the Sofia-capital region of Mladost, in November 2016. In addition to this, they also wrote, in distinct favour of Ivancheva, “... it is important to have the Head of the Regional Administration on our side”.

This was as reported by the newspaper, Trud.

At that moment she had won and the Political Party of the Greens took this election as their own. They were bragging about this on social networks and they have recognized the Mayor as “their person” for the last year and a half. Furthermore, they had “their people” within the local administration.

Who is the Political Party of the Greens?

As the newspaper Trud has proven many times over the years, this party co-exists with the Let the nature remain in Bulgaria Coalition, also known as the “green mafia”, responsible for preventing the development of tourism in Bulgaria for more than two decades. Their approach is to ‘racketeer’ the investors - for failing to satisfy their claims, they file lawsuits for a minimum fee of BGN 10. The investor's project is delayed for years, the investor suffers losses and finally he has no other choice than to either indulge them or simply give up.

The other method of the “ecologists” is the street pressure on the official authorities. When a legal act threatening their “green racket” scheme is been adopted, they gather a few dozen people who block key crossroads in Sofia and cause widespread disruption. 

The most ridiculous thing is, that the people from the Let the Nature Remain in Bulgaria Coalition claim that they have nothing to do with politics and yet at the same time, their leaders are unsuccessful parliamentary candidates. These include Toma Belev, Andrey Kovachev, Petko Tsvetkov, Borislav Sandov and Petar Kardzhilov, (appointed as a PR specialist for the region of Mladost by Ivancheva).

Is it the green idea that got the Mayor closer to Belev, Sandov and company? We don’t think so. Rather, the “life’s extortion” of investors, discussed by the representatives of the Special Prosecution Office and the Anti-Corruption Commission at the briefing about Ivancheva's arrest.


Nikola Vaptsarov was the Deputy Mayor during Ivancheva’s mandate. He has been represented as a member of “Normal country”, the formation of Georgi Kadiev, which supported Ivancheva in the elections. However, in June 2017 Vaptsarov resigned, triggering a scandal. In February this year, at their protests to ostensibly save the Pirin Mountain, the “ecologists” called on Ska Keller, the co-chairwoman of the Greens in the European Parliament. She stayed here for a few days and also vvisited Bansko. There, the Let the Nature Remain in Bulgaria Coalition, introduced her to the local hotel operator, Nikola Vaptsarov, who is oopposed to the construction of a second lift. This is one and the same person, the former Deputy Mayor of Mladost. 

And here comes the question when should we trust the Greens? When their person says he is resigning as   Deputy Mayor because Ivancheva is as “unsuccessful as she seems”, “the municipality does not work during her mandate” and she is a “typical Bai Ganyo” (see the box)? Or should we trust them when they say that everything against Ivancheva is just a performance, because she is a great Mayor and a fighter for justice? It seems that they may need to simply coordinate between themselves as they are, once again, wrapped up in lies.

The fact that the Greens feel discomfit with regards to the region of Mladost is also clear from the embarrassment of the person managing the PR department of the region. On Wednesday evening, Petar Kardzhilov, who is an official member of the National Council of the Political Party of the Greens, called the Special Prosecution Office and the Antimafia Commission, “jammers”, live on air, on BNT, because of Ivancheva’s arrest. In fact, he is just showing himself up to be the biggest ‘clown’ as he was kicked off the press center of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in October, due to a fake letter written on behalf of the Institute's management. Then Kardzhilov tried to use his position to break the government and the scientists up, but it didn’t work out.

In conclusion - If the Greens continue to openly wrap themselves up in lies and associate withclowns, this will soon have a negative impact upon their racketeering.


source: fakti.bg

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