CCCCIAP is after Toma Belev. The deputy minister’s reaction

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The Commission for Combating Corruption and Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property (CCCCIAP) initiated proceedings for conflict of interest against Toma Belev, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water. The reason is a signal that Belev chairs the Management Board of the Bulgarian Park Association which is in conflict with his appointment at a high public position.

Belev’s answer came soon enough. He explained that for the past 12 years these are the third proceedings for conflict of interest against him. He is positive that he will give his full cooperation to the investigating authorities and hopes that “the investigation will end in the same manner as the previous two.” Belev pointed out that he was appointed as deputy minister on 4 January 2022 and, according to the law, he has time until 4 March to resolve the conflict.

“The Bulgarian Park Association held a general meeting on 16 January 2022 and elected a new Management Board of which I am not a member. Meanwhile, although the law does not require it, I have submitted my resignation as a member of the organization which enters into force on the date of its submission. I have declared these circumstances in front of the authority that appointed me, the Council of Ministers, on 23 January 2022,” explained Belev for BTV. He also pointed out that since its establishment in 2003 the Bulgarian Park Association has not received a dime from the budget of the Ministry of Environment and Water or its structures and therefore, he finds that the claims of conflict of interest are unfounded.

Source: Standartnews.com Crimesbg.com

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