Sandov’s Order for Declaring ‘Coral’ a Protected Area Has Been Appealed
Sandov’s Order for Declaring ‘Coral’ a Protected Area Has Been Appealed

The appeal is stopping the order execution and it cannot be actioned until the Supreme Administrative Court statement

The former minister of environment and water Borislav Sandov’s order, by which Coral area has been declared a protected area, has been appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Bulgarian Black Sea association has been the first to do that, Econews media website has stated. Tsarevo Municipality has also state that they are going to appeal the order. That can be done only before 26th of August. The appeal is stopping the order execution and until the SAC states it, it cannot be actioned.

Local fishermen and the municipality have also held several protests against Sandov's decision, because it restricts fishing and their livelihood, reports

The order prohibits the entry of motor and motor-sailing vessels within the boundaries of the protected area, except in the case of disasters, emergency situations, for emergency, control and rescue activities throughout the year and for the needs of fishing in the period from October 1 to March 1, intensive and extensive aquaculture, use of bottom, trawling, dredging equipment, including beam trawling, disposal of dredged masses, discharge of waste water from vessels, construction and placement of artificial underwater reefs or attractions on and below the surface of water, disposal of sewage and/or waste water from land and discharge of sewers, disposal/discharge of oil products and other waste.

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