Sandov Is Lying About Struma: EIA Еxpires in May 2023, Not in October 2022.
Sandov Is Lying About Struma: EIA Еxpires in May 2023, Not in October 2022.

Аfter the media Eco news has revealed the scandalous solution of the former Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov, which blocked the construction of Struma highway, today we reveil another one of the lies of the circle that occupied MOEW in the last 7 months.

Over the past two days, the aforementioned persons have been justifying themselves that, actually, by Sandov's decision, they save Struma highway.Their argument is that EIA (environmental impact assessment) expires in October and there is no time to build the section.

Many close to the ecologists media even have claimed that Struma highway over Kresna cannot be completed because of the expiry of the assessment.

This claim is an absolute lie.

The EIA of Struma Highway through Kresna was established on 19.10.2017.and is with Validity for 5 years.

So far – so fine.

However, the decision was appealed to the Court. From people close to Sandov and Belev.

The final instance, the Supreme Court, issued a decision number 6834 on 23.05.2018, rejecting the appeals. This is when the 5-year validity period of the EIA starts to run.

Eco News asked lawyers, and everyone's answer was unequivocal - the validity starts from the date of the final decision of the Supreme Court.

That is, the Environmental Impact Assessment of Lot 3.2 of the Struma Motorway, namely the part through the Kresna Gorge, IS VALID UNTIL 05/23/2023.

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