Borisov in Sandanski: In the Final Day Sandov Cut Down the Whole Struma Project as Kiro’s Father Had Told Him to
Borisov in Sandanski: In the Final Day Sandov Cut Down the Whole Struma Project as Kiro’s Father Had Told Him to

We need a distance in the election, it’s important GERB to perform well, he said

With the mandate of electoral victory and by a large margin before “We continue the change" and the other parties appeared in front of fellow party members and sympathizers in Sandanski leader of GERB Boyko Borisov.

"There has to be a difference, or they'll continue to think they're something alien that has come from somewhere. It is important for GERB to perform well. Did someone will not become a deputy now, and the next time, GERB wants to renew at least 30% of governing bodies and every professional will find a way there. Now work for the vote, it is important," the former prime minister ordered his colleagues.

In Sandanski, Borisov promised to build a swimming pool after a sports hall. And was outraged by the inaction and acquiescence of the locals for the suspended projects. "I don't know if I'm angry or ashamed of all of us - ready facility, now we would have passed over Kresna, standing over 2 years, the biggest tunnels and bridges they stand ready and unusable and you look at them uncomplainingly. 40 min. I drove through it crept behind a trunk.

Why, people, did we leave the money for Struma? Like sheep for miles queues, why - two from Harvard came to teach us... Poets have written about that quiet job! On the last day, Sando (former minister Borislav Sandov note, ed.) crossed out the whole project, because that's what Kiro's father told him, and you from Sandanski are silent. 2 years silence of the lambs and the columns go without a murmur," he was angry about the halted construction of the Struma highway. And warn - if GERB is not a big percentage difference, there is no road through Kresna to be done. “They rob you every day. They mess with your pocket - 30 million per day they are going to Switzerland and we have been telling you about it for a month and a half. It was my first poster "general change", and the change was stolen from me, from everything alive they were stolen", continued the GERB leader.

Borisov and candidates from the party continue their pre-election tour in city of Sandanski. Among the candidates from the list for Blagoevgrad, there was also in the hall the leader of the election in Haskovo – Delyan Dobrev. Dobrev showed graphics with the movement of fuel prices, of basic foodstuffs and the country's economic growth to illustrate how well they are doing how Borisov and GERB managed the administration and how PP failed.

"For me, Mr. Borisov is the prime minister and will always remain so," said Dobrev the loud applause and approval of those gathered in the hall.

"You are good and forgive everyone, but when Bulgarian is harmed interest and gets into the pockets of Bulgarian citizens, and there are stolen billions, there must be punishments! 2.5 billion are missing from gasoline and diesel alone, from gas - 100 million per month disappeared. These are 10 tunnels, but not only the tunnels and the money are gone. These are the "Changes", said the leader of GERB in Haskovo and former Minister of Energy. And he insisted to Borisov that it must be done sought responsibility because for the first time in 14 years the economic growth of Bulgaria is lower than that in the EU and they are constantly reducing our forecast for growth, now it's 2.1 we've stalled. therefore, Mr. Prime Minister, it should be liability sought. In addition to the elections for people's representatives, the party announced that they are placing the start of the campaign for mayor of Sandanski - their candidate will be Stoyan Stoev, the local municipal head of GERB. MEP Andrei Novakov presented Georgi Georgiev as the future representative of the region in the National Assembly, there is another candidate from Sandanski the party's Blagoevgrad list - Dr. Miladinov.

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