WWF-Bulgaria spread a lie about the wild goats on Pirin mountain

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WWF-Bulgaria spread a lie about the wild goats on Pirin mountain

 “Ecologists” claim that “disturbance” is a major enemy of the Pirin goat. In winter the presence of people on the mountain disturbs the rest of the horned mammal and it starts running in the deep snow. Eventually it gets tired and dies from exhaustion. This is why WWF does not want tourists that are not well informed how to protect the wild goats to walk in the high parts of Pirin Natural Park.

The manipulation that the development of mountain tourism threatens the wild goats in Pirin National Park was supported by the Bulgarian Branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The NGO participating in the coalition For Nature in Bulgaria once again explained that the species is threatened due to the new Management Plan of the Park. They backed their opinion with data on the goat population from 2013.

According to WWF-Bulgaria the draft Plan envisages a 12.5-fold extension of the zones where sports facilities can be constructed, which is a total lie.

Trud reminds that the environmental protection organization uses the animal species for years in the campaign of The Greens against the development of tourism on Pirin.

The Management Plan is still in court because of appeals lodged by the organizations in the coalition. The trial date is set for the end of September. This probably is the reason for WWF to activate again the manipulation with the wild goats.


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