Herro Mustafa goes to church with her children in Nessebar to check on the use of 706 K dollars!

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The Ambassador of the USA in Bulgaria Herro Mustafa is spending her day in Nesebar!

Herro Mustafa decided to spend the Sunday with her children in the Old Town of Nesebar. Journalists saw her leaving the Church of St. John Aliturgetos, reports Flagman.

According to unofficial data Herro Mustafa came to see how the 706 000 US dollars, granted to Bulgaria in 2014 for the restoration of this church, was implemented.

The US Ambassador was fascinated by the church. She also liked a small museum in the Old Town’s center.

Herro Mustafa is staying with her family at St. Stefan hotel, where she checked in at 6 pm yesterday.
The Ambassador will stay in Nesebar until the end of the day, but it is still not clear whether she will meet the town’s mayor, Nikolay Dimitrov, who has been holding the position for 13 years.

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