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Vetko Arabadjiev in serious health condition - the businessman was admitted urgently with COVID-19

Ноември 24
17:12 2020
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Bulgarian businessman Vetko Arabadjiev was admitted to the Covid ward as a matter of urgency and was resuscitated due to high fever and affected lungs.

The businessman is in hospital after critically high levels of tumor markers in recent weeks. Due to its presence of many comorbidities and the risk group of age 60+, its protection has repeatedly pleaded for conditions of self-isolation, due to the high risk of infection with Covid-19.

A week ago, Arabadjiev raised his temperature and after the tests, the doctors found elevated values of the tumor markers and an infection. Doctors test the patient for Corona virus and the test was positive. After a scan, the lungs were severely damaged by the virus and the hotelier had difficulty breathing and was in danger of death.
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