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Toma Belev is lying for Vitosha Mountain and Borovets

[Oct] 24
15:08 2018
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The ecologist and party member of the Greens – Toma Belev is lying on the televisions on the construction of lifts in Vitosha Mountain and Borovets, specialists and representatives of state institutions comment.
According to them, the replacement of the four-seat lift with a six-seat lift in Borovets is happening without an amendment in the designation because the facility is not within the territory of Rila National Park.

While the situation with the lifts in Vitosha Mountain is different, as they are included in the territory of the natural park. We remind that the old management plan of Vitosha park has been drawn up exactly during the time of Toma Belev when he was a director there.

As it is publicly known, some manufacturers of the old (but with technical safety expertises) 40-60 year-old facilities do not exist any more, factory-made spare parts are not offered, some facilities are not related to the general transport network and de facto leave to nowhere.

Apart from the purely technical and logistical problems, the institutions have already repeatedly found the specified regulatory impossibility of replacing the old facilities with new ones. Lastly, it has also been found by the state itself while trying to replace its own drag “Zaeka”.

The adopted Law of Forests requires the footsteps to the lifts and drags to be excluded from the forest resources and the existing Management plan in regime 144 forbids this. This collision could be removed either by the adoption of a new Management plan, because the action of the old one expired in 2014 or by the adoption of the amendments in the old and still existing plan.

source: www.skandal.bg
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