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The court cut off environmentalists contesting the construction of a forest park next to the Rowing Base in Plovdiv

Март 27
10:22 2019
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The Administrative Court dismissed the appeal of the ecological activist Vasil Kudrinov against the project of Plovdiv Municipality for the construction of a 660 daa forest park near the Rowing Base, reports TrafficNews.bg.    According to the green claimant Kudrinov, the project concerns Natura 2000 protected areas and will affect the animal species in the area. In the course of the lawsuit, the ecologist-sociologist created a real play, showing a disrespectful attitude towards the court.   The magistrates rejected his appeal and their reasoning says that the project not only will not affect negatively the protected area, but also will restore 650 daa of abandoned and degraded forests of native species in two protected areas of Natura 2000 ecological network, located on the right bank of the Maritsa River.   The decision of the Administrative Court will most likely be appealed to the SAC, which will delay the implementation of the project for a few more months. However, the Mayor of the West Region Dimitar Kolev said that the administration will start the procurement procedures, but will specify therein the condition "in case of favourable development of the lawsuits".   We would like to remind that the new forest park near the Rowing Base will cost BGN 5 million which will be utilized in the next five years.   The area of the whole plot is 660 daa and the wooded area is in close proximity to the park for recreation and culture and the Rowing Base. This will be the most extensive afforestation in Plovdiv's latest history. It is expected that more than 14,000 trees will be planted to form natural new lungs of the city which will also stop the dirty outside air coming from the west.   The space is currently run down. These areas are full of self-growing vegetation, roamed by different farm animals and separated from the rest of the environment in the park for recreation and culture.   The new green area will be divided into 4 sub-areas. Various measures for improvement, landscaping, differentiation of places for recreation and walks, construction of alleys from natural materials will be implemented for each of them. The only park in Plovdiv that is similar in type is Lauta, but the new space will be by 160 daa larger.   The first zone to be improved is an area of 130 daa located in the immediate vicinity of the Rowing Canal. The access to these areas will be limited and only two entry points are provided for. Provisions are made for the implementation of CCTV and live security guarding.

Source: blitz.bg

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