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SOZOPOL IN SHOCK: The oligarchs Prokopiev and Harmadzhiev have occupied Germankata – the Greens are silent about the haciendas of the rich

Март 28
10:23 2019
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Rebellions and dissatisfaction were triggered in the late September by the commencement of the construction works on the last surviving piece of land from the beautiful area Germankata near Sozopol. The local people and fishermen fear that this will end their access to the unique fjords. Regardless of the statements of the terrain owner through his representative that there will be a trail left to access the fjords, albeit only pedestrian, people do not believe it at all.

And how to believe, while they witness the construction of the mansions of two prominent defenders of the idea of pure nature, which are directly tied to the so-called “Greens” and to the green octopus in general that feeds on millions from the national budget and the EU funds intended for ecology and is nestled at all levels in the governmental and nongovernmental sector. This is probably the reason why they do not see the mansions of the above two persons.

It is Germankata where the mansion of the defendant oligarch Ivo Prokopiev is located, right on the beach. Right on the cape is the villa of his partner and eminent ecologist Filip Harmandzhiev, who produces eco wines for BGN 40 per bottle and meat of some obviously golden calves, since the kilogram costs BGN 100.

On the other hand, Prokopiev, Harmandzhiev and their related persons are the first supporters fighting against the overdevelopment of the Black Sea coast and torture the owners of the lands that were included in Natura 2000 by the above alleged ecologists.

No one, however, has noticed any Greens protesting in front of the mansions of the two oligarchs. Only locals say in vain: "Building in such proximity to the fjords, which prevents access to them, actually turns them into natural formations for private use."

Since it cannot be expected that the Greens protected by Prokopev will go against their source of funds, it is the authorities who are also engaged in the preservation of the Black Sea coast that must ask whether these haciendas are legally built and have the right to continue hanging on the edge of rocks and to infuriate people with their untouchability.

Source: theworldnews.net

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