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DISCLOSURE: The Green grant-utilizers covered protest of the mothers as well

Март 25
19:08 2019
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The Green grant-utilizers, who have been spending money from the Soros Foundation for years in order to prevent the development of tourism in Bulgaria, this time have decided to utilize the protest of the mothers of children with disabilities. On their website "forthenature.org", through which they promote alleged preservation of nature in Bulgaria, they call on their supporters to join the protest.
The website writes: "For the Nature in Bulgaria” Coalition calls on its supporters to show support for the protest of the mothers of children with disabilities aimed at the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov".

NGOs and civilian groups which firstly, feed on state money, and secondly, on funds from a number of foundations and thirdly and fourthly, on funding from Swiss companies, will be poured into the actors of BSP, rockers and other usual protest participants, firstly, for the accumulation of mass, and secondly, to seek the resignations of the Cabinet, as well as specifically the resignation of the inconvenient Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov, who not only reveals their frauds, but also is the only one fighting against the green mafia.

Source: glas.bg
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