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AT THE TOP FOREVER! More than 700 people honored the double premiere of "I'm Here Again" dedicated to the climber Boyan Petrov

[Dec] 04
14:09 2021
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Kiril Petkov also came with his family to the Lumiere cinema

 The double premiere of the film "Here I am, Again" took place at the Lumiere Cinema as a part of "Kinomania", which follows Boyan Petrov's attempt to climb Shisha Pangma, which turned out to be the last peak in  the career of the climber.

 Due to the great interest, the tape had two screenings - from 18:00 and 20:30, and both were sold out.  Only spectators with a green certificate were allowed to enter the hall, thus the film was seen by over 700 people.

 Among the guests were relatives and friends of Boyan, as well as his sister and his daughter Thea, who came from Switzerland especially for the screening.  The future Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, who came with his family, also honored the film. He and his father took part in the unprecedented rescue operation, which unfortunately failed to find the climber.  Emil Spahiiski, Svetoslav Kantardzhiev, many representatives of the business society, sportsmen and artists also honored the premiere with their presence.

 I hope the film manages to touch You and ignite a small spark in You. I hope it raises questions.  I hope you wake up tomorrow with an idea.  I hope this idea grows into a plan.  I hope you fulfill it.  I wish You to fulfill Your plans for the whole week.  And let them lead You to the goal and the idea with which you will wake up tomorrow.  I wish You to see Your next goal from this peak of Yours.  And fulfill it too. Many thanks to the whole team, who gave their heart and soul and kept believing in the meaning of what we are doing,” said Poli Gencheva, screenwriter, producer and director of" I'm Here Again ". 


 Director - Poli Gencheva;

 Producer - Poli Gencheva / TARA THREE PICTURES;

 Producer - Martichka Bozhilova / AGITPROP;

 Producer - Emil Spahiiski;

 Operator - Krassimir Andonov;

 Screenplay - Poli Gencheva / Nina Altaparmakova;

 Editing - Nina Altaparmakova / Mihail Dervenski

 Music - Georgi Strezov;

 Sound and Audio Mix - Valeria Krachunova / Ivan Andreev;

 Postproduction, Color Corrections & Supervisor - Todor G. Todorov

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