Pseudo-ecologists want 2.5 milliard for Coral – the police investigate them for vandalism

[Oct] 23
11:46 2018
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Pseudo-ecologists filed a complaint against the Spanish company Iberdrola, the owner of the terrain above the Coral beach, occupied illegally by them until recently. With this complaint they want the personal data commission to charge the company with 4% of its turnover or in other words with EUR 1.25 milliard (BGN 2.5 milliard), on the grounds that the global concern dared to put video surveillance in its property. The signal is submitted by the Let’s Keep Coral association, in which the Greens activists happily coexist along with the oligarchic party Yes (Give), Bulgaria and the person claiming to be the editor-in-chief of Bivol website - Atanas Chobanov. Their request to the Personal Data Commission is more than ridiculous taking into account the fact that the company has dutifully enclosed only that part over the beach, which is in its possession. And again the same way it has put warning signs that anyone who jumps over the fence will be photographed and handed over to the police - something the company is entitled to do. The mere act of jumping over the fence is a violation of law, but this does not really bother the complainants, who go beyond any logic trying to make themselves victims, and Iberdrola - the offender. 

source: www.blitz.bg

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